Last year @isbeeracarb and I were brewing and drinking beer in Panama at @boquetebrewingcompany.

In 2020, I’m reliving our travel adventures from throwback photos and videos on my YouTube channel…

When Megan (@isbeeracarb) was invited to brew beer in Panama and I took this as an opportunity to invite myself and crash her party, thankfully she was on board with it and we had a great time. We had less than 24 hours to explore Panama city on zero sleep before heading to Boquete but I think we did pretty well.

Boquete is a small, charming mountain town in Panama where Boquete Brewing is located. In this video, we brewed a NEIPA, drank beer, and went on an adventure. We had planned to go ziplining at the Boquete Tree Trek Mountain Resort but the rain caused us to pivot our plans a bit but enjoying a beer with a stunning waterfall view was worth the trek out there.

Let me know what you thought of the videos, and where you will like to travel to next!

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